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Simon Bellamy

If this was last season and I had to answer this question, I would have probably said Nathan. To be honest, Simon would've been my second fave. Followed by Kelly, with her heart of chav gold, and then Alisha and Curtis.

However, since Series 2 started my Simon love has just grown so much. I know what you're all thinking -- "I bet it started growing as soon as you saw F!Simon turn around in the shower" lol -- but that's not the case. In fact right before my sister and I got ready to watch Episode 2x03, I was telling her how adorable (albeit a little creepy) and endearingly awkward I thought Simon was. He was slowly making his way into my #1 favorite spot.

Then I watched the episode and it just sealed it for me. Not because of how badass or hot f!simon was (although, I did like that...a lot) but because it made me realize how much I enjoy simon's character and his little quirks. I loved how, even when he was f!simon, he was still his adorable self; in the way that he said "I should know. I'm from the future" like a dork and with his little half-smile and the way he awkwardly fumbled to hide in Alisha's room.

A lot of people in this fandom talk about F!Simon and P!Simon like they're too completely separate characters, but they're really not. They're both loyal, selfless, caring, serious when the situation calls for it, at other times a complete dork, OCD (with the pictures, the lair, the videos, etc), a loner (knowing how to blend into the background), someone who despite this still craves affection (with Alisha or with any other friends), and someone who says what he means and if he can't...he just won't say anything at all. In the end, it's still Simon.

The only difference between the two, other than the fact that f!simon is obviously a little more athletic than p!simon, is confidence and experience (time). Both of which are things most people "ideally" acquire as they get older.

So yeah, that's why he's currently my favorite character.

Aside: Now I feel like I've cheated on Nathan (LOL) perhaps I should do a write up for him as well. :P

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